Gp Bike Parts Racing is a factory inspired privateer race team. The team owner Ameen Sajjadi started the team in 2010 joining forces with, LTL racing's Tyler O'Hara. The team competes in AMA Daytona Sportbike and AMA Supersport National racing. 

Little about 2011 AMA 

The program for 2011 included not only 2010 Top Gun National Champ Tyler O'Hara, but up and coming pro rider's, Cameron Beaubier, Travis Ohge, Jett Chandler, and Sebastioa Ferreria. The team qualified in the top all season and made podium finishes in every series competed in. With the season winding down, Gp Bike Parts Racing is looking forward to 2012 season with a little bit more experience and with a the continued support of our sponsors prepare to see GP on the top in 2012.

Little about 2010 AMA

At the team’s first national race, held at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana, CA, the team arrived with one bike, one rider, and enough tools to get the job done. After the first lap of practice young rider Tyler O’Hara came back to the pits pushing the Gp Bike Parts Yamaha R6 with a blown motor. With lots of hard work and perseverance the team found a spare motor and installed it that same night, making sure the bike was ready for qualifying the next morning.Staking the odds against the team even more, harsh morning winds led the team’s last chance to set a good qualifying to be cancelled. Starting dead last in the fifth row, the team beat the odds. Tyler rode an amazing race, passing numerous riders immediately at the start of the race, finding his way to a fourth place finish. With as many obstacles thrown their way, Gp Bike Parts Racing finished their first national road race weekend with huge success. Thanks to team work and their sponsor they were able to finish in the top 5 all weekend.

Infineon raceway in Sonoma California, the team was more experienced and more prepared. Tyler put in some great laps in qualifying and qualified 5th position, setting him to start on the second row. The first race of the weekend ended in a historical way when a red flag cut it short and 16 year old Elena Myers won the race, Tyler following in third. In the second and final race for the weekend, Tyler proudly led the competition for short while and by the end of the race was able to repeat another third place finish.

Laguna Seca AMA, this was our weekend to win! It all started out in practice when we led for the majority with the fastest time. During qualifying we dialed in the bike even more and got a good starting position in 2nd place. Race starts, we holeshot and lead for 5 entire laps with a 2 second gap on second place. Due to a red flag in the corkscrew we had to restart the race and now it was a uphill battle for Tyler. Start was not the best and we fought our way from third to second. Racing in 2nd place for 13 laps with less than one second gap between Tyler and first place. With three laps to go Tyler lost the rear end of the bike exiting the corkscrew. Tyler was okay and was able to race the following weekend in AFM claiming a 1st place finish at Infineon raceway! What a phenomenal season!

Thanks to all our sponsors for 2010: San Jose Ear & Sinus, RadioMedics, Mach 1 Motorsports, Sporttech Cycles, Arlenness, Keigwins@the track, Pirelli, CT racing, Catalyst Reaction Suspension tuning, Sik Industries, Woodcraft, Vortex, Chicken Hawk, Hands on track.

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