Press release issued by Gp Bike Parts Racing 9/26/10

September 26th 2010 history was made, the AMA Supersport National Top Gun Champion was determined. Tyler O’Hara riding a Radiomedics/Gp Bike Parts Yamaha finished 9th and 7th place to bring home the National #1 plate in the first ever Top Guns class. The class was designed to bring local expert racers who have not competed in the AMA road racing before to have a chance at experiencing the National race scene. Tyler O’Hara finished ahead of any other top gun rider in all the races he attended this year and in a class that Young guns, riders age 16-21, dominate Tyler was able to finish on the podium twice and nearly won the race at Laguna Seca until he crashed out towards end of the race.

Race 1 on Saturday September 25th consisted of a good race, the team new they must only finish ahead of the next top gun rider for the two days and with the Moto style scoring and they would become AMA Supersport Top Gun National champions. O’Hara qualified in 10 place on the third row.  Tyler raced consistently for 17 laps and finished a solid 9th place, two spots ahead of the next top gun rider.

“I knew I didn’t have to win the race, we came here to win a championship. I just needed to finish in front of the next top gun rider; I just kept my head down and watched my board for the gap.”


Race 2 was a little bit more difficult since the weather in Birmingham Alabama decided to take a turn for the wet. Declared a wet race, with no experience on the wet the team was quick to prepare the bike for rain and Tyler was off to morning warm up. He was 8th fastest in practice and had a good idea for how to ride in the race. From the first two laps it was evident that many riders would go down in this race. A total of 8 riders crashed including Elena Myers who crashed right in front of Tyler and he had to make corrections in order to not hit Myers. Again O’Hara rode smart and consistent continuously looking up at his board and building a gap on the top gun riders. Finishing an impressive 7th place he had become the first AMA Supersport Top Gun National champ.


“It was the scariest race of my life! For the first five laps I was holding my breath and could not see much. The bike was working great thanks to my team who put a great program for me together. It was a long haul to Alabama and I am glad I could get the Number 1 plate for my team after a great season of riding.” – Tyler O’Hara #29 

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